Commit a325a0f0 authored by Riccardo Padovani's avatar Riccardo Padovani

Added u-it logo in email notifications

parent 746e84aa
......@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@
<table style="{{ table_style }}">
<tbody><tr><td style="padding:20px;">
<a href="{{ settings.APP_URL }}" style="border: 0;"><img src="{{ settings.APP_URL }}{{ settings.APP_LOGO }}" alt="{{settings.APP_TITLE}}" border="0"/></a>
<a href="" style="border: 0; float:right;"><img src="{{ settings.APP_URL }}/m/light/media/images/light/u_it_cof.png" alt="Comunità Italiana di Ubuntu" border="0"/></a>
<hr style="{{ hr_style }}" />
{% if not exclude_greeting %}
<p style="{{ p_style }}">{% trans "Hello" %} {{ recipient.username }},</p>
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